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What's new in PetPoint from 10/7/2015

Changes to Licensing Module in effect Today, October 7th: Basic and Advanced Licensing Search Updates - Ranges and Reseller Restrictions

Licensing users will notice updates have taken place overnight on a few screens in your database. 

License Search Screen (all users):

Basic and Advanced License Users will notice a new Fuzzy Search check box on the License Search screen when searching by License Number. This allows users to define if they are searching for an exact match, or if they would like to return results that are similar to the search criteria – just like Animal and Person Name Fuzzy Searches! 

License Search Screen (resellers only):

In addition, License Resellers will be required to have detailed info to complete a successful search. 

Search License Range (new screen for Advanced Licensing Users):

Advanced Licensing users will have access to a new Search License Range option in the Licensing menu that searches existing ranges.  This allows a License User to view which range a license number belongs to, even if that license number has not yet been assigned to an animal.

Information on this and all of the other upcoming releases can always be found in PetPoint's Online Help > Release Resources. What's New Webinar featuring these new releases is scheduled for Wednesday, October 7th at 12:00 p.m. Eastern. Register here!

File Storage in the Medical Module!

We are pleased to announce additional File Storage features has been added to the Medical Module in PetPoint.  This add-on tab to the Medical screens will provide File Storage capabilities on Exam and Surgery records. The features will be available to all Advanced Productivity suite subscribers, and can be purchased as standalone add-ons. Information on this and all of the other upcoming releases can always be found in PetPoint's Online Help>Release Resources.

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Friday, October 09, 2015