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What's new in PetPoint from 10/27/2014

Advanced Productivity, Advanced Licensing, and File Storage Updates are Live!
We are pleased to announce our next deployment has been released to your database on Monday, October 27th. This deployment includes enhancements to Advanced Scheduling, Advanced Licensing, and File Storage, plus new functionality available in ALL PetPoint versions.

Please click here to get detailed documentation of the changes available to ALL clients. And for those that have not yet purchased this add-on Suite, it's not too late, contact the Sales team

A special What's New Webinar is available on Monday at 2:00 PM Eastern for those who need assistance setting up and learning about the new features.  Click here to register for the webinar.

PetPoint is excited to announce our new online PetPoint Learning Center !

The PetPoint Learning Center is a new hub providing training for the PetPoint software including brand new Learning Center Courses that provide targeted, engaging, and interactive online training on PetPoint use and functionality.

The Learning Center is accessible to all PetPoint users, with the convenient new ability to complete PetPoint training anywhere, anytime, on any computer with Internet access. Each course in the Learning Center is designed for efficient, hands-on learning, so that users can independently acquire the skills needed to make the most of PetPoint.

Click here to learn more and get started ! 

Need Help? Join S.O.S. to Talk to a PetPoint Trainer 
The S.O.S. (Support Open Sessions) are your chance to meet with a trainer, bring your questions and get answers live!  Sessions are held every weekday. 
Click here to drop in and get the help you need.  

What's New in PetPoint?
Join us for weekly webinars detailing the exciting changes happening with the software. Review recent updates, see new features, and catch a glimpse at future enhancements. Sessions will be held every Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. Eastern, click here to register for a webinar.

This week's topics: New Status Available, Default Cash Drawer Per User, Advanced Schedule Module, Advanced Licensing updates, and File Storage as part of the Advanced Productivity Suite.

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