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What's new in PetPoint from 5/22/2015

Action Center Changes are Live - Past Due Records no longer show

Please see the linked information about the Action Center changes by clicking here.  You may find that your organization has different numbers on the Action Center section seen just as soon as you log into the database.   Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Shelter Animals Count reports for All Versions of PetPoint!

In support of Shelter Animals Count, PetPoint is pleased to announce the upcoming release of brand new functionality allowing PetPoint users to generate the Basic Data Matrix report needed to submit your data.

The new Shelter Animals Count reports, available in all versions of PetPoint, have been designed to sort and display the basic Intake and Outcome information into the categories to make reporting your Shelter Animals Count data efficiently and quickly. In this report, PetPoint Administrators control the Intake and Outcome subtypes that produce the data calculations and connect them to Shelter Animals Count categories  Information on this and all of the other upcoming releases can always be found in PetPoint's Online Help>Release Resources.

What's New Webinar featuring these new releases is scheduled for Tuesday, May 19th at 1 p.m. Eastern. Register here!

Register Now - A PetPoint Summit is coming to you!

PetPoint experts present engaging seminars in Washington ,D.C., Sacramento, Dallas, and Tampa to help you maximize your PetPoint utilization.  Each single-day PetPoint Regional Summit features two educational tracks for a total of eight courses!  You will leave with tips, tricks, best practices, and how-to hints to keep your operations and community programs on track.

Don't miss out!  Registration is currently open for Washington, D.C., Sacramento, and Dallas. 
Click here to learn more and to register for one of these exciting events!

Now Live:  Let Go of Paper with E-Signature!

This new feature allows PetPoint organizations to harness Electronic Signature Capture, or E-Signature capabilities from within PetPoint. Use your tablet, mobile device, touch screen monitor, or signature capture hardware to capture a person’s signature on an outcome contract.  New options are also available that make it easy to email a copy of the signed contract to the person, and store a copy of the signed contract on the outcome record.  Detailed documentation for all of these new features and an overview video an be found on Online Help>Release Resources.

A What's New Webinar featuring these new releases is scheduled for Monday, April 27, 2015 at 1 p.m. Eastern. Register here!

Click here to learn more. 

New Feature: PetPoint Mobile Inventory Site

Check out the exciting new Mobile Inventory Site which will be available to Advanced Productivity subscribers. With this new feature, users with Mobile Access users roles may access your PetPoint information through smartphones and tablets in a streamlined and functional way to complete tasks while on the go.  Detailed documentation for all of these new features can be found on 
Online Help>Release Resources.

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