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What's new in PetPoint from 9/29/2016

Untitled Document Release Notes for Thursday, September 29, 2016
Changes and enhancements released overnight to your database: 
  • Fixed an issue causing Sales Tax to be duplicated in Group Total as well as added to the payment amount.
  • Updated all Mailing Label Reports to use two-letter state/province abbreviations.
  • Removed duplicate signature page in Adopter Downloads for Hartville insurance clients.
  • Fixed an issue causing users to be unable to order more than one item in Admin > Shelter Utilities > Create Order.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing X-Charge users the inability to print or submit a receipt.
  • The TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol used to secure communications for Bluefin Payment Processing has been updated to version TLS 1.2.
Coming Soon: Changes and Improvements to Petango! 
Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to make improvements to Petango. Along with the new look, the site will now be mobile friendly. We’ve caught up with the times, and now potential adopters can search for their new family member on the go! We expect the new and improved Petango to be available as soon as next week. 
    Webservices and iFrame Users Need to Know:
    Webservices and iFrame users must update your scripts to use the new host name ( The old URL will continue to work, but we suggest making this change as soon as possible.

    Please click here to find further details on these changes.

NOW LIVE 9/1/2016: Changes to Promotion Values and Labels for ALL CLIENTS
Several changes are being made in conjunction with the upcoming 24PetWatch Pet Insurance program transition (for US clients only) that are applicable to ALL CLIENTS. We are making updates to functions related to Promotion for eligible Adopters.

The overall functionality will be the same, but we are making some changes to values in dropdown lists and labels in the some Outcome operations and the Animal View Report.

Please click here to find further details on these changes.
    Known Issue
    This issue affects Canadian Shelters and US Shelters when processing an adoption with the new 24PetWatch Trial of Insurance.  After completing an adoption where the adopter has received the 24PetWatch Trial of Insurance, a user can go back to the Animal tab and change the Promotion value to "No", which changes the Promotion value displayed in the Animal Operation Grid to "Offer" instead of "Trial".  The change does not affect the Adopter Downloads.  Adopter Downloads will correspond with the settings in the Promotion field when the adoption process was initially completed.  We have determined the cause and are implementing the solution.  Testing is in progress and a deployment date will be scheduled upon completion. 

    • This issue has been resolved as of Thursday, September 15, 2016.

NOW LIVE 9/1/2016: Changes to 24PetWatch Pet Insurance for U.S. Clients
A few months ago we let you know about our upcoming transition to a new insurance underwriter, The North River Insurance Company. As you are aware, this change required us to temporarily suspend offering 24PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs. We’re pleased to say, we’re almost ready to re-introduce our new line of 24PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs including our new Trial of Insurance.

At the beginning of September 2016, 24PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs will be back, for good! The Adopter Downloads generated with an Outcome Adoption through PetPoint, for approved states, will offer the new 24PetWatch 30-Day Trial of Insurance Program instead of the Trial from Hartville Pet Insurance.

Please click here to find further details on this change.

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